Car Disposal York

If you have a scrap car in the York area then you are in the right place.
For details on scrapping your car read below or call us on: 01904 490978

When your car reaches the end of the road it is very important that you dispose of it in the correct way, both legally and environmentally.

Many people might tell you that they can dispose of your vehicle properly but we are one of only two Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF) in the York area registered with DVLA to issue the necessary Certificate of Destruction when you scrap your car. As the last owner you are liable for any criminal activity it may be involved in and will be fined by DVLA for not completing the correct documentation.

As well as disposing of your car legally and responsibly we can offer you a fair market price for your car.

Call now to arange disposal or collection.

So dont risk a fine or worse come to the professionals.

Pigotts Auto Car Parts Authorised